Rencontres Mondiales du Logiciel Libre 2006
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The state of Free Software in African Education (en)

Vendredi 7 Juillet, 10h45
Difficulté : niveau
Langue : EN (English)
Traduction : FR (Français)
Autre thème de rattachement : 15. Les associations, l’éducation populaire et les logiciels libres
Autre thème de rattachement : 14. Logiciels libres et Éducation Nationale en France
by A.J. Venter

I wish to give a current overview of the status of Free Software in the Educational sector in Africa with particular focus on successes and failures and what can be learned from both as we go into the future.

The paper is not meant to stand by itself but rather to form part of a round table discussion with other participants both from Africa and around the world, with the aim of learning from one another.

In order to provide the needed context, I will begin by providing a more broad overview of the current education sector in Africa and how it is affected by such issues as the digital divide, the dual-economy systems and HIV/Aids.

With this background provided a brief look can be taken at how and where Free Software can positively impact on this sector considering these realities. Since education is the only way to alter most of these realities, a benefit from Free Software to the education sector could have a potential snowball positive-effect on the overall quality of life of Africans.

In conclusion we will take a practical view by looking at the SchoolNet ? Namibia, Free Software’s greatest African success story and attempt to determine how this success can be reproduced with due cognisance of the times they had made mistakes and the lessons learned from them as well of the over-all planning that led to their ultimate and continuing success.


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