Rencontres Mondiales du Logiciel Libre 2006
RMLL du 4 au 8 juillet 2006, à Vandoeuvre les nancy

Loi, économie, politique

Women in Free Software - Findings from the FLOSSPOLS report on gender 2006

Jeudi 6 Juillet, 14h50
Difficulté : niveau
Langue : EN (English)

Are women in FLOSS considered as bugs, groupies, or equal partners in there field of skills ?

Alan Cox expressed it so : Most discrimination of all kinds is utterly unintentional, and that kind of discrimination is harder to tackle because there is no evil intent and no-one to directly blame. It still needs tackling and that is in part about making people understand when their culture and actions put off or exclude others.

This conference is about the findings in the FLOSSPOLS report about gender issues funded by the European Union.

By Anne Ostergaard

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Les RMLL 2007 auront lieu à Amiens, au coeur de la ville.

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