Rencontres Mondiales du Logiciel Libre 2006
RMLL du 4 au 8 juillet 2006, à Vandoeuvre les nancy

Logiciels et ressources libres pour l’Éducation

Educational FLOSS in the world

Vendredi 7 Juillet, 09h
Difficulté : niveau
Langue : EN (English)
Traduction : FR (Français)
Autre thème de rattachement : 14. Logiciels libres et Éducation Nationale en France
Autre thème de rattachement : 15. Les associations, l’éducation populaire et les logiciels libres
Videoconference Taipei (Taiwan) <----> Nancy (France)

Scheduled contents :

French side (time=UTC+2H)
Free open source educational tools used in various countries.
Taiwan side (time=UTC+8H)
Sharing Open Source Software education in Taiwan
09h00 welcoming attendees, short communication about the Wims workshop scheduled in the evening (in French, by Georges Khaznadar)15h00
09h25 Steven Shiau announces the workshop he will organise in the afternoon about Clonezilla+DRBL. Steven Shiau is the chairman of the ongoing videoconference.15h25
Begin of the videoconference
09h40 Steven Shiau presents speakers in Taiwan and in Nancy, mutual greetings.15h40
09h5009h50 Dr. Der-Tsai Lee, the director of Institute of Information Science, will welcome attendees to participate in today’s conference.
09h55 Francois Schnell presents the project Liberlab, and shows the material outcome of this project. French attendees may have more insights later in a hands-on workshop. 15h55
10h20 Juan Rafael Fernandez gives a talk about Educational Libre Free Distributiond used in Spain.16h20
10h40 A.J. Venter gives a talk about Free Educational software in Africa.16h40
11h00Tea break17h00
17h15 Eric Sun (Executive Secretary of OSSACC) gives the talk : Overview the development of Open Source Software in Taiwan’s education system
17h35 Chen Jing-Rong (Information Teacher of Nan-Gang Senior High School) gives the talk : Adopt Open Source Software in information education in senior high school
17h55 Lin Tzu-Chung (Information Teacher of Ta-Feng Elementary School) gives the talk : Embrace Open Source Software in information education, a successful case of an elementary school.

18h15 Speaker : Han Chang-Ze (Chief of Information Sector of Department of education, Taipei City Government) gives the talk : The current obstacle and future possibility of Open Source Software.
End of the videoconference,
Final greetings.

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Les RMLL 2007 auront lieu à Amiens

Les RMLL 2007 auront lieu à Amiens, au coeur de la ville.

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