Rencontres Mondiales du Logiciel Libre 2006
RMLL du 4 au 8 juillet 2006, à Vandoeuvre les nancy


Simion Pruna (simion.pruna (at)

The main objective of the LSM/Medicine 2006 is to hold an open forum workshop, on 2 half days starting with 4th July, to discuss the methodological and technological support to integrate a plurality of external free software clinical databases gathered through Electronic Health Record systems and Healthcare Registers mainly, in Europe.

The current expansion of Europe is resulting in inconsistent methodology and models for comparative European research in the health system. Comparative research is currently limited due to variability in local, national and international consumer and practice. Health care users including medical administrators, doctors, nurses, have different intellectual and cultural background and different level of computing skills. For this I think that it is an important topic to be debated during the meeting next July.

The LSM Conference/Medicine Track is open to anyone with a reasonable request, proposal or potential solution. It is in essence a LSM/Medicine 2006 Forum. LSM 2006 should give more weightage to participants who will actually demonstrate a product or a technology that is working rather than just taking about technology. However, free software development is a process that requires resources. Resources are scare and require considerable effort to access them.

Special topics :
-  The requirements and possible technical solutions for chronic pathologies in general, as for example diabetes, but also many other chronic diseases requiring a long term follow up.
-  The requirements and possible technical solutions for 3 dimensional data analysis, as necessary in cardiology, but also in several other specializations.
-  The Free Software Community is resource-limited > Invited round table discussion about new projects for free software development in Medicine

Welcome and Overview

Mardi 4 Juillet, 14h
Difficulté : niveau

Welcome and short overview addressed to participants and speakers at medicine track

Web-based monitoring of chronic diseases : an opportunity to ensure equitable health through free software

Mardi 4 Juillet, 14h
Difficulté : niveau

14:10 Speakers - Prem Kurian Philip and Oommen John We propose that a “free” web based diabetes management tool would give access to high quality diabetes monitoring facilities to thousands of people with diabetes and thereby ensuring equitable access to health care and disease monitoring. The Web based tool will also provide opportunity to interact with diabetic care physicians who could provide valuable patient specific advice.

TeleDiab - Web Services Integration for Chronic Complications Prevention and Health Promotion in Diabetes

Mardi 4 Juillet, 14h50
Difficulté : niveau

The TeleDiab project is a framework initiative for development free software for medicine mainly addressing the value of health care information exchange and interoperability.

A Health information system software as a tool for ensuring evidence based practice in a network of Indian hospitals

Mardi 4 Juillet, 15h45
Difficulté : niveau

The Practice of clinical medicine has seen a sea change since the introduction of Evidence Based Medicine. Evidence Based Medicine ( EBM) is the use of current best evidence in making decisions about the care of individual patients.The practice of evidence-based medicine means integrating individual clinical expertise with the best available external clinical evidence from systematic research. Incorporating best practices that are based on evidence is an ongoing challenge in every area of clinical medicine. We report in this paper, our experinces of incorporating evidence based guidelines as clinical protocols in care delivery using an automated Informations System.

Regional Register Diabetes Mellitus Tool

Mardi 4 Juillet, 16h35
Difficulté : niveau

This project (RRDM Tool) aimed at the realization of a client/server tool that allows exporting diabetes mellitus patients’ data to a server and collecting them. The export is completed transparent to the user and it does not need any user intervention to start the export, connect to the server and even to install or update it. The tool run as a Windows service and, once configured, can start export to a scheduled time, connect to the server when needed and export data in a compressed and encrypted way. Data are sent in an Xml encoding and, from a configuration file, it can be configured which data have to be send.

Security Aspects on Internet Communications of A Client-Server System

Mardi 4 Juillet, 17h25
Difficulté : niveau

Information interchanges between health care providers in continuity of care implies the management of health information to share patient’s information securely between interoperable disparate systems.


Mercredi 5 Juillet, 09h
Difficulté : niveau

Free software privacy management framework for patient and healthcare providers with Telediab as a sample implementation using this framework

Mercredi 5 Juillet, 09h50
Difficulté : niveau

There are multiple challenges in developing a software framework for providing healthcare in Europe using open and standardized mechanisms including the use of free software.

Some of these challenges are :

1. Patient and healthcare data is spread across multiple databases - Patient and healthcare database, though available, are spread across multiple databases.

2. Proprietary access methods - Many of these databases are not accessible from external systems and even when they are, the access methods are proprietary and involves negotiating the rules of service with each separate entity/institution owning the database.

3. The rules of data privacy for the individuals whose data is contained in the database may be enforced in different ways in these databases.

The task of writing software which can access these sets of data spread out across multiple databases becomes difficult because of these problems.

These problems are acutely felt especially in the case of initiatives which deal with telemedicine and remote monitoring of patient information such as in the case of diabetes management where patients can enter details about the blood sugar and insulin levels, their diet patterns, their test results, etc. and have healthcare providers monitor their health remotely. This could potentially include diseases and conditions other than diabetes.

Dernières Nouvelles

Les RMLL 2007 auront lieu à Amiens

Les RMLL 2007 auront lieu à Amiens, au coeur de la ville.

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