Rencontres Mondiales du Logiciel Libre 2006
RMLL du 4 au 8 juillet 2006, à Vandoeuvre les nancy

EDOS Project Workshop

Roberto Di Cosmo (

Le projet EDOS réunit chercheurs, éditeurs de distribution et sociétés de services en logiciel libre, pour proposer des nouveaux outils qui permettent une production facilitée de nouvelles distributions de logiciel libre. Cet atelier a pour finalité de présenter à un large public les résultats du projet, et les informer des défis posés par la création d’une distribution.

The workshop will be held in English

00 - Introduction and welcome

Vendredi 7 Juillet, 09h

01 - Session 1 : Formal Management of Software Dependencies

Vendredi 7 Juillet, 09h
Difficulté : niveau

Speakers : EDOS Workpackage2 Team
In this talk we will present all the work that has been done by the EDOS Workpackage 2 team with respect to the formal management of software dependencies. In particular, we will present a general description of the problems that we have tackled and the tools that have been developed in order to check and to handle dependency issues in DEB and RPM based Linux distributions.

02 - Session 2 : Continuous testing of Linux distributions upgrade

Vendredi 7 Juillet, 10h45
Difficulté : niveau

Speakers : Stefane Fermigier, Laurent Godard, Nuxeo
This talk will present a framework, called TULIP for "Testing Upgrades of Linux Images Program" whose purpose is to drive upgrade tests of various linux distributions to ensure both fine grained QA at the package level and testing of the standard update mechanism.

03 - Session 3 : Distribution

Vendredi 7 Juillet, 11h35
Difficulté : niveau

Note : This section will continue in the afternoon starting at 14h00

The goal of this sessions is to investigate scalable and secure solutions to improving the process of distributing data (source code, binaries, documentation and meta-data) to end-users. The key issue in the code distribution process is the ability to transfer a large sized code base to a large number of people.

This session will comprise a set of talks related to several software distribution issues :

  • First part
    • Overview of EDOS dissemination platform
      Speaker : Dan Vodislav (INRIA and CNAM Paris)
    • Software dissemination with IDIP
      Speaker : Tova Milo (Tel Aviv)
  • Second part starting at 14h00
    • P2P XML processing with KadoP
      Speaker : Serge Abiteboul (INRIA)
    • Security in EDOS Distribution System
      Speaker : Sergio Sagliocco (CSP)

04 - Session 4 : Measuring the pulse of OSS production - EDOS measurement framework

Vendredi 7 Juillet, 14h50
Difficulté : niveau

Speaker : Stéphane Laurière
This talk will present the EDOS measurement framework, the indicators it is composed of and their implementation.

05 - Session 5 : EDOS PMI - A model of OSS artefacts and processes

Vendredi 7 Juillet, 15h45
Difficulté : niveau

Speaker : Ciaran Bryce
This talk will present the current version of EDOS Project Management Interface and the prospect of the initiative.

06 - Session 6 : Round table and wrap-up

Vendredi 7 Juillet, 16h35
Difficulté : niveau

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Les RMLL 2007 auront lieu à Amiens, au coeur de la ville.

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